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The path of Tantra

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What is Tantra?

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Introductory words about Tantra

( An even more detailed essay about „What is Tantra?“ you find here )

( „Frequently asked questions about Tantra“ you find here )


Use your body, your senses,

your wishes and dreams

as doorways and pathes towards being.

Connect and live

vision and ecstasy.


Tantra is a holistic way of living that teaches you to dive deeper and deeper into the beauty, mystery and ecstasy of the moment.


Different to most other common spiritual traditions Tantra does not neglect your body, your senses and your sexuality, but instead consciosly celebrates all aspects of life. It is a path of unconditional love, of completely saying yes to yourself and to all phenomenas that you experience on your path.

Tantra honours your body as the temple of the divine. Contact and union of two bodies and souls is celebrated in a ritual of meditation. In Tantra the senses are the doors towards you innermost being.


And even your wordly desires are not being condemned and seen as obstacles in Tantra but instead being affirmed as one part of a holistic way of living. The goal of the modern path of Tantra is a fullfilled life in all areas.

Every contact and experience with the world is seen both as enjoyment and key towards self-realization in Tantra.

In the higher levels of Tantra you will then also learn to use your sexual energy and direct it towards your opening up for deep fullfillment and enlightened experiences. Beyond all philosophies and theories you then experience for yourself the vast openness and unity of everything existing.


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The Sahaja Tantra - System

( An even more detailed description „About Sahaja Tantra“ you will find here )


The path of Sahaja Tantra practically teaches you four aspects of life and love:






All of these delicious fruits of Tantra are waiting to be picked up, tasted and enjoyed by you...

When will You start your tantric journey?


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